Why Osterna?

Why Osterna?

Osterna is a major provider in the Fire and Health & Safety market providing thousands of risk assessments on blocks of flats located across the country. Strategically located our assessors are ideally placed and agile to cover most post code areas.

Our vision to be the ‘go to provider’ for residential Fire Risk Assessments underpins the values and passion we have for supporting our clients with their Fire compliance.

The ever changing landscape of legislation and how that translates into practical actions can be a complex challenge for those organization’s involved in the Property Management, BTR and Freeholder Investment markets. But rest assured that our team are on hand to help clients navigate their way through this difficult ‘maze’ of uncertainty and confusion.

Our approach to assessing buildings is based around an assessment of risk rather than just ‘hazard spotting’ which helps our clients have a better perspective of the risk V the cost of remedial works.

Formal qualifications and experience combined help to prove competency rather than just one of these in isolation. Our assessors have a range of suitable Fire related qualifications and memberships of leading industry organisations, such as IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers) or IFSM (Institute of Fire Safety Managers).

Our approach and strategy in creating long term relationships with our clients ensure that we add real value through engagement, communication and strong customer service. The reports we produce are clear and precise which enable easier decision making around action plans and what needs to be done.

Sectors we cover

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osterna commercial


Osterna Assessors have been working within the commercial property world for many years providing ‘peace of mind’ and reassurance to clients who require sound advice across their property portfolio whether it be offices, shops or larger scale retail outlets.

osterna educational


We recognise that the risk to life isn’t just centred on private residential blocks of flats but extends across a far wider spectrum including purpose built student accommodation. This means the same rules and obligations apply so our Assessors are fully aware of their obligations in serving this sector ensuring clients and their customers are safe. We have also completed Fire Risk Assessments on schools.